Sustainability Committee

In 2023, RedFish created its Sustainability and Certifications Committee, whose main objective is to define the Bioeconomy strategy and incorporate it into the technical and administrative processes of each of RedFish’s members, as well as to promote dialogue and learn about stakeholders expectations to foster good environmental, social, economic and governance practices.

Redfish Project – Sustainability Committee: Forests to bring more life to Tilapia production.

Guiding Principle 1: We know that the water and oxygen resources are finite. RedFish is committed to environmental sustainability and promotes the protection of our water resource with the creation of our first forest, located in the Experimental Center of the Colombian Massif in the department of Huila, Colombia.

Guiding Principle 2: RedFish is committed to the conservation, protection, and restoration of Colombian ecosystems, which provide a basis for the development of fish farming in Colombia.

We have a long-term program in Huila, Colombia to preserve the water from the source of the Magdalena River to the Betania reservoir and other sites where our suppliers develop their Tilapia farming activity.

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