About Us


Delivering Excellence

RedFishCo is proud to provide our customers with great quality products along with an outstanding customer service. We offer supply chain solutions, sourcing seafood all around the world and guarantying a continuous supply. This is our commitment with our customers.

Our tilapia farms in Colombia were founded in the 1990’s with the purpose of developing the best tilapia from Colombia to the world. Our tilapia is raised under the best aquaculture practices, always protecting the environment, and promoting the fish welfare. The water from the Magdalena River gives our product a firm texture, unique freshness, and the best taste.

In partnership with the best packers and experts of each product, we are also proud to offer the best shrimp, salmon, lobster tails, mahi-mahi, rainbow trout, swordfish, tuna and more.

We are here for you and we invite you to be part of the RedFishCo experience.